Agile Business Technologies Remote Backup

This is one of the most important, yet also one of the most neglected areas of computing. Backing up your data should be at the top of your computer maintenance list, right next to security software. Without data backup or virus protection, you are running the risk of losing your data. And it will happen, don't think that you don't have to worry about it.

Why should you back up? Data loss happens. Physical failure of the media the data is stored on, power failure, virus or malware activity and unfortunately in this day and age, acts of terrorism and natural disaster enter the picture. You probably have everything saved on your Workstation or Server hard drive. That hard drive will fail eventually. It might happen gradually, by bad clusters accumulating until most of the drive is unusable or it might happen suddenly, the hard drive failing without warning.

There are countless businesses and individuals who saved valuable data to a floppy only to find out when they needed to access it that the floppy was bad and the data inaccessible

External hard drives, tape drives, CD’s and flash drives are a good step but they typically are stored in the same location as the original data. Most of these mediums have a limited lifespan. If anything physically happens to that location your data is gone.

Our Solution

Utilizing unobtrusive client software that installs on your PC or Server you select the data and information that you wish to backup. You have complete control in what and when things get backed up. The client software sends the data over the internet in an encrypted format to our secure server(s) where it is stored until you need it. You can store and access your data anytime day or night. We offer a variety of plans and billed either monthly or annually with discounts for multiple PC/Server installations.